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Pamukkale University

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    CENG 204 Algorithms                                     CENG 510 Distributed Systems 

    CENG 102 Object Oriented Programming


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Haytaoglu, E. and Dalkılıç, M. E, A New Hybrid Coding Scheme: Homomorphic Minimum Bandwidth Repairing Codes, 2017, Springer, Computing J. DOI: 10.1007/s00607-017-0542-0,


 Haytaoglu, Elif; Dalkilic, Mehmet Emin,"On the Communication Cost of Distributed Storage Systems Using MDS Erasure Codes" (Accepted), Computing and Informatics J. , 2017

PhD Thesis, "A Study on Node Repair and Data Reconstruction for Distributed Storage Systems", Ege University, 2015. (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin DALKILIÇ)

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Dağıtık Depolama Sistemleri İçin Topoloji Farkındalıklı Çözümler Üzerine Bir Çalışma, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mehmet E. Dalkilic
Funded by Scientific Research Projects Directorate, Ege University, TURKEY. Project No:05-DPT-003/35. Budget: 10000TL.

2010 HP Innovations in Education Worldwide. Budget: $10000